Depuis près de 30 ans, Les Places d’Or s’est imposé comme le salon de référence dans l’univers du design et du packaging de luxe. Ce rendez-vous incontournable de donne l’occasion aux fabricants et designers de présenter leur plus belle création et réalisation de l’année, faisant des Places d’Or un révélateur de tendances du marché du packaging de luxe.

SARALON : Shining a light on printed electronics

Saralon is a market leader in the field of printed electronics and specialized inks for the packaging industry. The company is developing revolutionary technologies that are transforming the industry and its options for high quality, cost-sensitive packaging. This November some of their innovative products will be showcased at the forthcoming “Les Places d’Or” (14-16 Nov) in Paris.

Saralon is a privately owned company that was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the Institute of Print and Media Technology, at the University of Technology in Chemnitz, Germany. The team at Saralon has accumulated unrivalled expertise and in-depth knowledge of printed electronics. The company not only offers specialist expertise in the development and manufacture of advanced printing inks, but also in circuit design, package design, package production and printing.

Super-functional inks

Saralon has developed a range of super-functional inks for printed batteries and for printed illuminated display packaging that is capable of emitting light. This technology can be applied to cartons, plastic boxes or glass bottles.

The company has also developed a functional label known as SaralIllu© Label V1, that includes five luminescent displays, which are designed to switch on, one after the other. These advanced displays are powered by a podium, which includes an in- verter, a circuit and a battery. Once the bottle is removed from the podium, the light switches off. The luminescent display can be printed on plastic or on paper.

The company’s ‘SaralLight© Box V1’ is an attractive light-emitting box designed for premium products. The LEDs are powered by a thin printed battery and they switch on when a person touches the printed ‘touch sensor’.

Simplifying packaging electronics

Saralon GmbH is fully committed to producing electronics in a simple and cost- effective way. Therefore it has developed various innovative inks (Saral Inks©) in order to produce different electronic devices via conventional printing machines. By using these special Saral inks, a packaging manufacturer can print various disposable electronics themselves and integrate them into different packages by using their existing production lines.

With their approach they target two key audiences and these are premium brand owners and packaging companies. Based on their customer requirements Saralon develops the best solutions for them prior to high volume production. Apart from their Light Emitting Package solutions they developed some unique solutions for the anti-counterfeiting market too branded as SaralSecurity© to be used for Brand Protection and tamper-evidence.

“At forthcoming ‘Les Places D’Or’ we will be showcasing our latest innovative technologies for premium packaging. Today it is easy to make things expensive and complicated, but we at Saralon make things simple and cost-effective.

Our technologies have been developed to fulfill the requirements of the most cost-sensitive packaging industries.”

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