Gmund Paper: Packaging must be green

For Gmund Paper, sustainability and innovation are not passing trends, but a tradition and a genuine commitment. As part of the ‘Packaging must be green’ initiative, the company is presenting especially sustainable paper products that also make the ideal packaging solutions, both from a functional and ecological perspective. The aim is to push boundaries with alternative or sustainable fibre material to make the paper formulation as natural as possible.

From eye-catching solutions to natural surfaces or pure simplicity, these collections cover all your packaging needs and offer a wide range of plastic-free, ecological solutions.

Gmund Beauty of Ecology

Simply beautiful and yet an ecological paper made from 100% recycled paper. That’s how waste papers are reborn as true beauties. And when they are no langer needed, they can be conveniently tossed into the recycling bin – where the cycle begins anew.

Each metallic Gmund Beauty shines to outglitter her sisters. Each surface is unique, from classical to exciting. The colors are timeless, velvety or festive. All share a natural aura. Each has a charm all its own.

These papers are the couture of sustainable paper manufacturing. And they are available starting at 200 kg per variety.

 Gmund Hemp

Gmund Paper has succeeded in producing a paper with 100% cannabis pulp. The long fibres, which pose a challenge for the production, make the innovative new material firm in structure, yet wonderfully soft to the touch. The surface is wild and cloudy – as befits a natural paper. The collection includes a paper with recycled paper fibres (Gmund Hemp 50%) and one with pure pulp (Gmund Hemp 10%). Gmund Hemp is produced entirely without dyes and offers a whole raft of ecological advantages: the fibres are more resistant, can be harvested more frequently, can be recycled and don’t require any harmful plant protection agents.

For the industrial production of its hemp paper as a packaging alternative, Gmund Paper won the German Sustainability Award, the national award for excellence in sustainability in business, municipalities and research. With eight competitions, over 1,000 applicants and 2,000 guests at the events, the award is the largest of its kind in Europe. It is presented by the German Sustainability Award Foundation in cooperation with the German federal government, municipal umbrella organisations, trade associations, civil society organisations and research institutes.

Gmund Bio Cycle

Paper is made from plants, compostable and therefore creates nutrients for new plants – a perfect ecological cycle. But Gmund Bio Cycle goes one step further: in this collection, up to 50% of the wood is replaced by fast-growing fibres like wheat straw, grass, cotton and cannabis. Following countless machine and material tests, a total of five new papers have been created, all of which appeal directly to the senses. Users of Gmund Bio Cycle Paper can expect a whole new level of design, haptics, storytelling and credibility.

Gmund No Color No Bleach

Gmund No Color No Bleach is made completely without the use of dyes, obtained from pure pulp and pared down to the basics. The No Color variation is plain white and not a single drop of bleach or dye is used to produce it. No Bleach is neither bleached nor dyed. The high-quality, long-fibred pulp used to make it gives it a lively, textured surface and an authentic appearance. The high stability of the sheets resulting from the long fibres offers a wide variety of potential uses for packaging, book covers or brochures.

Gmund Used Gmund Used is made from 100% used paper: 80% of it comes from high-quality FSC®-certified recycled pulp (DIP) bleached during the deinking process, and up to 20% consists of packaging waste generated on site in Gmund, which is collected and sorted by type. A perfect cycle that turns used paper into high-quality Gmund designer paper. This means that Gmund Used is a byword for optimum quality with maximum fibre utilisation. The collection has an impressive range of new, vibrant colours. Its strength and firmness also make it particularly suitable for packaging solutions. And the Gmund Eco certificate logo guarantees that the production is resource-efficient.

Fedrigoni: New colors and finishes for even greater versatility

Our Imitlin paper is known for its resistance and durability (it can be folded up to 700 times): chosen for bookbinding applications and for the creation of prestigious objects and packaging, today Imitlin expands the colors available and offers with different types of finishes and weights, from 120 to 350 gsm.

Choose from an extraordinary color palette: with Vibrant Ocher, Teal Green, Jade Green, Gray Stone, Pink Sand and Ginger Brown: the palette has been expanded to 21 shades. The new Diana embossing also adds further refinement to a range known for its elegance, offered by the texture that recalls other materials.

Glow and Metal are added to the standard finishes: the first characterized by a brilliant finish, the second by a metallic look & feel. Finally, the new Allpack version is particularly suitable for the creation of packaging, such as cases and shopping bags, thanks to its higher grammage.

Enhance and develop your brand image to the fullest thanks to the versatility of Imitlin: let your creativity express by bringing your projects to life with this paper with countless possibilities.

Discover Imitlin

We make unique and beautiful objects forthe world’s most respected premium and luxury brands

Change is coming. Visit us in November to learn about Made[LAB] and receive an ultra-limited edition gift created exclusively for our [re]launch.

Inside our factory in Italy, it is our mission to solve ever-more complex problems for our clients. Working with papers, woods, resins and fabrics, we invent, prototype, create, produce and finish.

To the most demanding and exacting standards.  There is nothing ‘ordinary’ about what we do.

Made by Made [LAB]
For the world’s premium and luxury brands.

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Christophe Balaresque

Edito of Constantin Sklavenitis, Chief Prestige Brands Officer at Coty

Collaboration is a catalyst for innovation. The first Coty perfume bottles were created in partnership with prestigious firms such as Lalique, to name just one. They revolutionised the perfume industry by transforming the way fragrances were sold forever. Since 1904, we have been developing unique skills and an expertise in excellence. This pioneering spirit and creative daring are still intact today. Luxury design and packaging are deeply rooted in Coty’s DNA, and I am proud to be presiding this year’s Les Places D’Or trade fair and to be alongside you for this unmissable event.

Coty is driven by the ambition of reflecting diversified beauty: beauty that can change, like in our communities, beauty expressed in all its forms, present and future. Our role is to respond to the aspirations of our consumers with sophistication and creativity, without cutting corners on quality. It also means taking responsibility for helping to build a more sustainable future. Our goal is to intensify our commitments and become leaders in sustainable development, while basing ourselves on science in order to revolutionise the sector, as we have always done. Responsible development is the core driving force for innovation at Coty.

Our responsible strategy, Beauty That Lasts, expresses our vision of a more sustainable and inclusive world, while describing our actions to achieve it in a practical way. The strategy was launched in February 2020 and is guided by the United Nations’ aims for sustainable development. It is based around three pillars: Product, Planet, People.

The international innovation we have developed in partnership with Lanzatech embodies a spirit of responsible innovation: for the first time in the history of perfume-making, we are producing fragrances using ethanol made from recycled carbon. By 2023, most of our portfolio of perfumes will be produced by capturing carbon. An avant-garde commitment for the sector that will help towards the process of becoming a more circular company and reaching our goal of reducing absolute CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030.

Packaging is one of the key elements in this overall approach. Like many of you, I am aware that the revolution in this field has accelerated under the impact of the frequent crises we have experienced. The codes of luxury are changing, and packaging will always be the messenger of these codes.

The Places D’Or trade fair is a wonderful opportunity to combine responsibility and innovation, for an encounter between the skill of suppliers and the expertise of our teams. The CK EVERYONE bottle by Calvin Klein, for which we use 10 % recycled glass, reflects the harmony between the environmental commitment of a glass supplier and the message conveyed by our brand. We were the first to make use of this innovation in large quantities and the first to be given the “cradle to cradle” certification, which we are proud of and which encourages us to go even further.

I am looking forward to seeing the latest innovations that will soon be embodied in our brands, and we hope you will all enjoy some great encounters at the trade fair. Founded in Paris in 1904, Coty is one of the world’s top beauty companies with a portfolio of iconic perfume, beauty and make-up brands. Coty distributes its Prestige products, including the Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Chloé and Lancaster brands, and mass-market brands such as Bourjois and Rimmel, in over 130 countries. Coty and its brands aim to reflect diversified beauty: beauty that can change, like in our communities, beauty expressed in all its forms, present and future. Coty and its brands are socially and environmentally committed to supporting a wide range of causes and implementing an active policy to minimise our environmental footprint.

Heinz Glas: All4One – All in One

HEINZ-GLAS opens up new possibilities for the idea of sustainability.

With the “All4One” glass jar concept, HEINZ-GLAS relies on a modular refill design solution which, in contrast to the previously known plastic refill inserts, relies entirely on glass as material.

The concept is based on a glass jar in which four interchangeable glass inserts can be used depending on your product application. These inserts can be filled with different contents such as perfume, make-up, cream lotion as well as room fragrances. The advantage is, no matter what configuration, glass refill inserts can be easily exchanged in the outer design glass jar. In addition, the refill inserts are an ideal and lightweight travel companion, they fit comfortably in any handbag for taking with you on excursions and trips. Thus, All4One offers the perfect symbiosis of a high-quality packaging in the private bathroom and portability on the go.

All4One shines with a simple, yet elegant outer glass jar. Depending on the decoration, it hides or underlines the insert used in each case. Through a retaining ring, the insert “floats” in the outer glass and gives the whole concept a certain lightness – with a variety of space for creativity and personalization.

The individual inserts are also adapted to their chosen design as well as the decoration of the respective application. Attractive shapes and innovative finishes give the product concept a modern and fresh appearance.

All4One – a sustainable overall concept with countless combination possibilities, whether in environmentally friendly PCR clear glass, colored or opal glass. There are almost no limits to your imagination.

For any questions please contact Jonas Rentsch I

PR Service Graphique: excellence, French-style

The firm from Courville-sur-Eure is widely recognised by the top luxury brands for its elegant gift boxes, cards and POS materials, its high manufacturing standards and respected deadlines. It is now continuing its development. Always imitated but never equalled, the brand guarantees elegance and quality. 

Just 5 years ago, Kevin Lahanque and Xue Yang decided to pursue the work of Petra Roth, a charismatic figure in the world of luxury packaging, who first made her mark on the market in 1989. She was the first female entrepreneur to have her shopping bags (in the late 90s) and then her gift boxes made in China. Her innovative spirit and taste for a challenge forged the company’s DNA. Thanks to original French design and faultless Chinese manufacturing with long-standing partners, PR Service Graphique soon became a reference in the world of luxury. Development and growth have marked this post-pandemic year, as Kevin Lahanque explains.

“In a context of European lockdowns, we managed to win new markets by proving our agility in responding to demand and by confirming our skills. Since 2017, we have been able to sustain, maintain, reinforce and develop our range by organising and expanding the team, the equipment and the investments for the future. Our customer satisfaction policy is unchanged, with constant follow up from A to Z on the projects entrusted to us, and we are delighted to see clients coming back who had been absent. The past two years have also seen our first production of 100% French-made POS paper elements, our capacity to print on large-scale formats and on all kinds of materials (paper, wood, plexiglass, glass, etc.), as well as our ability to produce in small volumes.” When evoking ongoing or future projects, the man who was trained and is still advised by the great Petra prefers to be discreet, promoting the virtues of “Living happy by living hidden”. From their latest brilliant achievement using laser cutting for a top client, we will reveal nothing, apart from its legendary and incredible refinement.

BARALAN presents their products

Baralan, a consolidated player in primary packaging for the cosmetics and beauty industries, has introduced a new addition to its Eleonora line: the Eleonora screw neck bottle 100. Previously only available in a crimp version, this updated style was developed due to an increasing demand for larger formats for fragrance, skincare and makeup products.

Suitable for both skincare and fragrance applications, the Eleonora 100 is a GPI 18/415 screw neck bottle weighing 220g, with a filling capacity of 100 ml. The new larger size joins the family of 9 bottles in 7 sizes ranging from 5 to 100 ml capacities.

The Eleonora line provides an ideal combination of elegance and simplicity. Created for aesthetic impact, the rectangular shape and classic, clean lines showcase both traditional and modern design aspects for a silhouette that never goes out of style.

“We listened to our customers and are pleased to expand our iconic Eleonora family,” said Maurizio Ficcadenti, Global R&D Manager at Baralan. “The Eleonora 100 provides brand owners with a large capacity bottle option for both fragrance and skincare products that is as unique and beautiful as each cream or fragrance housed inside.”

Baralan attended to Les Places d’Or 2022

Sustainability is one of the key elements of Baralan’s strategy. The company is committed to respond to the growing desire of consumers to find products that meet their expectations according to ethical and environmental needs, and that reflect their values. As usual, Baralan guarantees the highest quality in terms of design, functionality, safeguarding, but it also commits to minimize its products and processes’ footprint.

Baralan’s ESG commitment links business continuity with the idea of a more sustainable future. It represents a concrete strategy that considers ethical, social, and environmental factors in the company choices, going beyond simple compliance with the law, but enriching management choices with purpose and a broader perspective. Sustainability is therefore interpreted as the integration of social and environmental concerns in Baralan’s operations, governance and in the relations with stakeholders through a voluntary process of self-regulation.

Baralan’s new sustainable items will be developed to promote a circular economy throughout the cosmetics packaging industry that advances the evolution towards more conscious beauty and allows for a tangible sustainability approach. This benefits the environment by reusing wastage, reducing energy consumption, and maximizing finite resources.

As an example, Baralan’s range of closures traditionally produced in Italy in polypropylene, will now be available in three PCR levels: a base level of 30%, an intermediate level of 60% or a full level of 100%. The varying PCR levels offered will allow brands to maintain their desired level of packaging aesthetics, while also achieving their sustainability goals and meeting the increased consumer demand for sustainable products. Baralan’s innovative DEA series – which stands for Developing the Evolution of Airless – has been developed through an equally innovative manufacturing process, significantly reducing energy consumption for a more sustainable approach. Another feature of this new solution is the ability to eliminate lubricant use, which is due to the unprecedented smoothness of the piston inside the glass container. Unlike other airless systems, DEA has no internal plastic container, making it the first airless system in which the filled product is directly in contact with its glass container.

ESSENTIA introduces the SMART of make up : compact, functional, modular and refillable. A patented packaging innovation.

Essentia provides full service beauty solutions from concept to delivery to serve start-up to scale-up brands. We understand and respond to consumer expectations and provide brands with something new and distinctive.  We accomplish this through creativity and investing in global trends that complement our core values considering sustainability as a top priority.

In recent years we have been working on designing intuitive refill systems.

One such example is our patented SMART PALETTE system which delivers total looks in very compact format – a perfect lip-eyes combo that can be customized by the consumer for shades and textures of choice. Mix and match according to your brand’s positioning. Compact, it saves 50% of wasted plastic after the first round of use, compared with single use systems and saves 84% after only 3 refill cycles. 

The light-weight all in one format is also the perfect on-the-go makeup kit. 

We have two models of the palette available with unique design features in order to match different brand requirements. Additionally, these come in two options: all plastic PET and PETG and a premium version with an overshell in aluminium.

Concerning others product categories, we have been working on innovative solutions for solid fragrance both at the formulation level and on sustainable packaging solution with a variety of refill system packagings as an hybrid pendant/perfume case features patented ‘up and down’ system and secret recess for storing perfume and much more.

LASER, from packaging to essential oil diffusers

Created more than 20 years ago by Ségolène de Pommereau, Laser has built a solid reputation in the pack & gift industry : Laser develops custom-made products, from secondary packaging, promotional items and accessories to well-being products and home scents fragrance diffusers

Its expertise covers the entire process, from product design to its manufacturing.

After years scouting factories in China, Laser is now actively engaged in the sourcing of new manufacturing facilities in Europe, and more particularly in France. This additional sourcing supports Laser’s strategy to design more eco-friendly products.

Laser joins Cosfibel group: A new stage in its development

In April 2021, Laser joined Cosfibel, which has taken a majority stake in its capital. Founded by Alain Chevassus and managed today by Marie Sermadiras, Cosfibel group is one of the European leaders in the industry of luxury packaging, merchandising and tailor-made promotional items in Europe. Recognized for its creativity and reliability, a pioneer in CSR commitments, Cosfibel is part of the top 1% of the best rated companies in the sector in terms of the environment, human and labor rights, ethics, and sustainable development.

This merger allows Laser to enter a new chapter of its history at the service of its customers, with an ever more innovative and responsible approach.